Rapid Lash – Well Aren’t Your Lashes all Lashy and Stuff?

There was a time, many years ago, when I decided to venture down the eyelash extension route. I had had been utterly seduced by the idea that I too could have those Hollywood starlet lashes and as I gazed upon my  new baby doll-like, butterfly kissers, I had no idea that I was just not an eyelash extension kind of girl. Within days I had mutilated them with scratching, rubbing and picking at them and for every extensions plucked there was one of my own gone. I remember very clearly just how shocked and dismayed I was with my appearance the first time I realised just how bald my eyelids were. I was filled with regret, not that there is anything at all wrong with extensions, but for me, a low maintenance, easily irritated, borderline OCD woman, who already had thick long lashes, it was certainly not the correct choice.

As some time went by, the thinned out ranks began to grow back, however they never did grow back to their former glorious length or fullness. My predicament was worsened as last year I ventured to a nearby salon, during lunch, for a quick eyebrow shaping, and was taught the lesson of why you never, ever try someone new when you already have an amazing eyebrow lady. Lying in the dimly lit room, far too dimly lit to see my brows I was sure, I felt the warm sensation of hot wax where the warm sensation of hot wax just should not be and I prayed that I was mistaken, but alas, as the sound of semi dried hot wax being pulled from my brow was accompanied by the sensation of actually feeling that my left eyebrow was no more, I jumped up, grabbed a handheld mirror and cried “It’s gone!!!”. Half of my eyebrow was indeed gone, except for two lone rangers on the outskirts who had held on for dear life, and I left immediately, after an ever so tiny temper tantrum, to find the nearest hairdresser where I cut a fringe to hide the sight. Looking back on it now I can laugh and have a good giggle at how my scenario was reminiscent of Kate Hudson, in Bride Wars, as she reacted to her blue hair, but the dilemma I was left with was that a substantial bald spot was left that did NOT grow back, oh those little annoying hairs we have to wax and pluck sure came back, but the shape of my brow, I thought, was forever ruined.

Thankfully there is a happy ending to this tale, one that does not include penciling in the bald area several times a day, I discovered Rapid Lash. I had heard about it from a friend of mine that manages an up-market spa in Sandton, she raved about it telling me it really does work and so I felt I owed it to myself to at least try it out. I was completely skeptical, to me trying to cure a bald eyebrow was as useless as trying to cure male pattern baldness and I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to join the ranks of the tattooed on this one, but to my pleasant surprise I had, in just three weeks, been adorned with eyebrow hair where eyebrow-hair should be and also long, thick and full eyelashes, and that was one week shorter than the pamphlet had promised! One simple application a day before bed had yielded a full crop and I am to this day thrilled!

It is hard to believe that this miracle formula, which in clinical trials has proven to give 50% longer lashes, was first discovered when the noticeable side effect of the medical eye drops designed to treat the condition glaucoma were longer lashier lashes. Polypeptides (chains of amino acids) strengthen and prevent breakage whilst panthenol (a provitamin of B5) combined with minerals mositurises and replenishes lashes with the end result of shiny, thicker, longer eyelashes that are more flexible and elastic.

Whilst the days of bald lashes and brows are now behind me the only certain issues I have to deal with are questions of “are those real” and the slight irritation of my eyelashes brushing on my sunglasses… oh no, how terrible!

So now that my secret is out why not join me in the land of rapidly lashy lashes?

Need to know where to find a stockist? Follow this link http://www.rapidlash.co.za/stockists/