Dairy and Gluten – Food Heroin and We Don’t Mean Wonder Woman

We have all known from an early age that nicotine, drugs and alcohol are dangerously addictive substances and taught to avoid them and to never even try them would be ideal, just ask any smoker who has tried again and again and again to quit smoking but to no avail, quite simply once you are hooked it is not an easy task to quit an addiction but what about the cravings we don’t pay attention to? Maybe you have no addiction to any of the above, but have you ever stopped to wonder why you suddenly start craving certain foods? We are often told that we crave a certain food because our bodies need whatever vitamins and minerals are contained in those foods, so why then don’t we crave another food with the same compounds? Why do we crave cheese and not tofu, salt and not bananas? Why is it so difficult to go the gluten free route, cut out dairy, go vegetarian or vegan, give up coffee, salt and sugar? We very often tell ourselves that we just like the taste, “I am a meat and potatoes kind guy (or) girl”, “I love bread”, “I could never give up cheese.”, “I couldn’t live without coffee.”, “I have a sweet tooth.” These all just seem to be along the same lines of what the smoker in denial has to say about their unwanted addiction, “I can stop anytime I want to, I just like it.” Anything we are addicted to is a danger to our health and with the rapid incline in obesity and chronic diseases on a global scale it may be time to start fearlessly assessing ourselves, our health and the things we put into our body but with a bit more understanding of why.

When a drug addict or alcoholic is checked into rehab it is far from a sunny vacation, they are educated on their disease and why they are addicted and what the effects of the their substance of choice does to them on a biological level. Dr Bulotov, a Sandton based homeopath and iridologist says that the addictive foods that we eat so freely are not only killing us and making us unhealthy but are so integral in behavioral issues that they they should be banned from rehabilitation centers because they have the same triggering effects on the brain that drugs, alcohol and cigarettes do.

Gluten and Dairy – Opioid Peptides

Yes that first word does look strangely familiar, like opium, and that is because they are related, literally from the same family and have the same effects on the opiate receptors in the brain as opium, morphine and heroin.

The part of the brain that is involved with speech and auditory integration is interfered with by these peptides, in short abuse to this part of the brain can and will cause:

– addiction
– sleepiness
– spacing out or having foggy brain
– migraines/headaches
– high tolerance to pain
– food addiction
– chronic fatigue
– moodiness
– anxiety
– depression
– aggressive behavior

Now doesn’t the term comfort eating start to take on a whole new meaning? Addicts, whether addicted to drugs, alcohol or nicotine are warned of the dangers of cross addicting. Other addictive substances aside, food is the biggest substance of cross addiction and with the above information and the fact that gluten and dairy cause the same narcotic effects on the brain, just on a much lower scale, opiod peptides are causing some extreme issues in children and adults. Scientific research is showing that pursuing a dairy and gluten free diet can and does improve the condition of children and adults suffering from:

– Schizophrenia
– Autism Spectrum Disorders
– depression
– anxiety

Ever cut out wheat and or dairy and felt the craving for bread or cheese? Well, to put it bluntly, those fierce growls, moodiness, irritability and that zombie like need to feed is you craving your “drug” and just like any addictive substance it takes 21 days to rid your body of the physical craving.

As a smoker and bona fide cheeses of the world addict, understanding my craving from a biological point of view may just be the thing that helps me move onto a dairy free diet to compliment my already established gluten free diet, but until then, could someone please pass the brie?