Come Yoga With Me – Getting Started

Congratulations on deciding to to start your very own and unique yoga journey! Chances are you have read plenty on the topic from the various styles and asanas, to salutations, sequences and long term benefits, but really… where do you begin?

Yoga is very versatile and can be adapted for all body types, levels of fitness and assists in attaining overall physical, mental and spiritual wellness but of all the styles and various uses we recommend starting with hatha yoga, which is often referred to as the mother of all yoga styles. The truth is that nearly every type of yoga class taught in the west is hatha yoga is a generic term that refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures. Nearly every type of yoga class taught in the West is hatha yoga and you will receive a nice gentle introduction to the various basic yoga postures, poses and asanas which is a great starting block to move onto the more advanced styles. The difficulty of hatha yoga classes and home practices is generally easy and whilst you may work up a light sweat at most you will certainly finish feeling relaxed, longer and looser.

So that clear up the best style for beginners and the classes to attend to build the basic strength and flexibility but what about your home practice. The chances are that attending one or two classes a week, whilst certainly beneficial, will still leave you needing to practice, recover, stretch out, grow in your practice or maybe you just cannot attend classes and will need to practice entirely from home with instructional videos, books or apps. Well you need your very own yoga space!

Creating Your Yoga Space

Whether you will be practicing the physical or mediational aspects of yoga you will find the environment you practice in playing a big role in your yoga journey.

Pick a spot in your home or garden where you feel you will be able to practice with little to no distraction. Either you can pick a permanent room or portion of a room for you practice or you may need to create it each time. Try to keep distractions to a minimum and create a peaceful environment that you can really get focused in.

The Mat

Now that you have chosen your space you will need your very own BlackIvoryMagazine.FaithfultoNature.AsokaYogaMat(Pink)yoga mat. If you are taking classes you are often able to hire a mat from the studio or gym, but having your own mat creates a familiarity and grounding wherever you may be taking your practice be it a class, your own space at home or even a park for an outdoorsy experience. Your mat will be a personal choice from the materials it is made from to the colours.

The best mats are eco-friendly and free from PVC, latex and other toxic materials meaning you are receiving the best from your mat in terms of health and not just… well a mat to practice on. We recommend the Asoka Eco Yoga Mat, it is not only eco-friendly but offers grip on both sides as it is completely reversible and comes in a wide array of two tone colours with no ugly branding, just a colourful expression of yourself. It is easy to clean with a simple wipe down and rolls up to fit into tight spaces or any yoga carry bag. We love the two tone baby pink/dark pink for the girly yogini and watermelon red/black for the macho yogi.

Yoga Bag

Yes, yes, you probably have a few gym bags but you really need to BlackIvoryMagazine.FaithfultoNature.Take theWorldWithYouYogaBaghave your very own yoga bag to fit your yoga mat and other yoga goodies in with ease and since yoga has so much to do with living in harmony with the world around you we recommend that you choose an eco-friendly bag to compliment your eco-friendly mat. Our choice is the Take the World with You Yoga Bag, its jumbo size means you can take your yoga world with you instead of just being able to fit your mat you can fit in your water bottle, clothes, toiletries, sweat towel and any other yoga accessories and props you may need. It is also hand to have somewhere to store it all when you finished up your home practices, after all a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. We love the soft feel, whilst it look like your basic canvass bag it is soft to the touch for those of you who are very sensitive to rough textures and has a ferocious sunset themed rainbow of colour for a little passion punch.

The Vibe

To finish off your yoga space you need to create the vibe! The senses of BlackIvoryMagazine.FaithfultoNature.SoylitesAromatherapyCandleinFrostedGlass(Decadence)sight and smell will play a big part in adding to what you are going to be physically feeling around you, such as your mat, and so candles, incense and decoration are the order of the day.

Candle light in itself is extremely soothing, especially at night or in a dark room, it helps set the scene and if those candles can smell amazing then it is even better! Vegan friendly Soylites Aromatherapy Candle in Frosted Glass give of a delicate light as well as a strong fragrance, with so many to choose from we enjoy the intoxication and Decadence of vanilla and ylang ylang which doesn’t end with the snuffing of the flame but can go with you as the remaining oil powerfully moisturising with Vitamin E and Lecathin.

Indulge your sense of smell even further with a choice of lilac; rose  flower; flower bouquet; oriental or sweet sandal Green Incense complete with a ceramic holder in order to accommodate the unique shape. Each scent has its own colour scheme and is surprisingly aesthetically appealing with intricate patterns running along the length of each stick which is still visible even after burning when it rolled into a neat little coil making it east to clean up. We also recommend the Ayurveda Incense from Faithful to Nature is a no brainer for a spicy and stimulating fragrance.

Bring a little bit of nature into your space with your very ownindigenous Faithful to Nature My Little Bonsai (Tree in a Tube) and finish off yourspace with a little reminder that you have pursued this path because you are  a “Free Spirit” with the Wake Up and Dream Reclaimed Wooden Quote Proudly South African this handcrafted block is made from recycled wood in Knysna and hand-painted with a special quote or image.


BlackIvoryMagazine.FaithfultoNature.GreenIncense5in1BlackIvoryMagazine.FaithfultoNature.WakeUpandDream ReclaimedWoodenQuote(Free Spirit)







Be creative and claim your space!

Eye Pillow

Once you have finished your yoga space you may even find it being BlackIvoryMagazine.FaithfultoNature..AumEyePillow (Blue)your reprieve from day to day life and not just the space in which you practice yoga. Utilising a fragranced eye pillow to melt away the stress after a long day or simply to end off your yoga session in blissful nirvana  will leave you calm as you close your eyes and let the stress and strain melt away. This soft eye pillow, made with one hundred percent natural cotton, flax seeds and scented with therapeutic lavender, is not only organic and eco friendly but also an effective natural remedy for eye strain and headaches.

View online: http://www.faithful-to-nature.co.za/Blue-Aum-Eye-Pillow-p-5424.html

The above specific items and more can be purchased online, how convenient, from Faithful to Nature, our favourite online organic store!

Peace, love and light