Socrates – Democracy’s First Casualty

Socrates is well known to be the forefather of modern Western philosophies…

Douglasdale PS Blood Drawing Incident “Unlawful” Says Top Attorney, Tasso Anestidis

-Douglasdale PS under fire after video leaked to social media went viral.
-Blood brutally and forcibly drawn from screaming woman.
-JMPD Spokesperson and MMC of Public Safety claim legal right to draw blood forcibly under CPA.
-JMPD PO posts video on social media calling for all JMPD to stand together reinforcing the right of POs to draw blood forcibly.
-Top attorney, Tasso Anestidis, tells why it was unlawful to draw blood forcibly from the detained woman.

Clico – It’s Veuvacious

Inspired by a passion for champagne, and an especial fondness for a…

VIDEO: Douglasdale Police Station Forcible Blood Extraction – The Shocking Details You Missed

-Douglasdale Police Station.
-Woman detained for alleged DUI and blood forcibly drawn.
-Restrained by two male police officers and one casually clothed male individual.
-No gloves used handling medical equipment or during procedure.
-Syringe used had exposed needle whilst laying on the table.

Arriba! Arriba! Arriba! Festival De Mexico is Taking Over Montecasino in May

Festival De Mexico was born out of love for Mexican food, live music…

Seether Live! One Show Only! Miss it and you’ll be Seething!

Seether is heading to SA next month and has announced ONE SHOW…

Bowling For Soup Tours SA for the First Time

Breakout Management is proud to present American Rock Band Bowling For Soup…

The C Word (Pssst it’s Colonic)

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Recipe: Refried Beans

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Zesty Guacamole

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