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We are South Africa’s top online source for discerning conservatives on international and local news, opinion pieces, unbiased dual argument pieces, and above all is a free educational resource aimed to empower the peoples of South Africa.
We first and foremost promote Christian-Judaeo values, modern conservative social standards, the family structure, capitalism and lastly libertarian political views. We believe in the individual. Educating the individual. Empowering the individual. Knowledge is power and the most valuable knowledge is Truth.
Because we believe in the individual and capitalism we put a focus on local entrepreneurs and small business owners as well as offer an option to sell goods and services on our online store. Articles can link directly to products thus promoting the individual business owner/entrepreneur, their business and their goods/services

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THE premium online luxury portfolio. Our readers are privy to a truly quixotic reading experience with content that is unique and sumptuous, captivating the imaginations of all who venture into the vivid Black Ivory Magazine Luxe Portfolio.Allow us to escort you on a journey into an extravagant world of sheer opulence, from luxury automobiles, air and water crafts to fashion and accessories as well as travel, the arts, entertainment and health. Black Ivory, an all-encompassing luxury lifestyle extravaganza.