A Skin Renewal

My quest for the ultimate treatments utilising the latest technologies has led me to Skin Renewal’s signature skin treatment program, 3D Rejuvenation. The name really says it all and is tailored to your personal needs. My own adventure has resulted in several therapies and injectables being utilised to rejuvenate my facial and neck skin, the result, after six treatments, will be a more youthful look to my skin and facial structure.

After having undergone a complete body transformation with Slender Wonder, Cryolipo Therapy, Accent and Carboxytherapy, the next logical step was to take measures which would ensure I would have the face to match and thus I commenced with the first in a series of treatments which would be performed by my lovely therapist, Lizelle, along with special Nobel Prize winning cream and facewash and topped off midway through with the oh so taboo injectables, or what I call “the fun stuff.”

The liquid facelift entails strategically placed Botox® & Dysport injections and Dermal Fillers which combats those niggly little issues of aging such as wrinkles, volume loss and sagging. We are all familiar with Botulinum Toxin, the stigma that has come with well advertised blunders and the horrendous outcomes of these, however, it all comes down to the simple fact that you get what you pay for. Cheap Botulinum Toxin are the biggest no no when looking for the non-invasive options of age reversal. Having undergone Botulinum Toxin treatment I have actually begun to find the stories and warnings that I have been bombarded with as rather amusing. When we think Botox® & Dysport we usually think of the pictures we have seen in tabloids of well know celebrities with faces frozen in shock and an inability to express emotion, but, when I tell people I have had the little wonder injections the reaction is always the same, “but you can’t tell.”, “but you have expression.” all of which is true! My face is indeed fully functional with the one difference being that my frown lines are gone when I raise my eyebrows and the crow’s feet, which snuck up on me as soon as I lost weight, are no longer prominent when I laugh or smile, although I will admit, after undergoing it all I really don’t want those little devils to come back so I have finally taken mother’s advise and stopped frowning, not that I can’t, I just don’t want to. Dermal Fillers are just as wonderful, plumping up the cheeks and preventing the old lady jowls that make so many women resemble bull dogs. Now I am quite sure that my readers are thinking that the procedures are painful and the truth is that needles are never pleasant, especially around the sensitive eye, nose and mouth area, but the benefits far outweigh the 10 minutes of discomfort and possible bruising and swelling that may follow for a few days following the procedures. The outcome of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler procedures is quite simply this, I still look like me, I still have my facial expressions, I just look younger, fresher and rejuvenated and the fact of the matter is that if I didn’t tell anyone, they would never have noticed an obvious change, my eyebrows are lifted slightly, the fine lines and wrinkles just really aren’t noticeable and my cheeks and chin are slightly plumper. It’s me, but me at 21.

Now, we cannot have the full effect without the quality of skin and complexion being renewed as well and this is where the Beta Hydroxy Peel , Laser Genesis and Carboxytherapy come into play. This unique combination not only reverses the effects of sun damage, yes you should have listened to mother and worn sun screen, and aging which are loss of volume, wrinkles and fine lines and discoloration, but also help to prevent further aging and damage. The Beta Hydroxy Peel , which is personalised and suited to each individuals needs is the most unpleasant part simply because it stings and burns quite intensely for about 3 minutes until it neautralises itself, but not to worry your therapist will be at your side fanning the burny bits and keeping you distracted and then that’s it! Within a few treatments skin starts to look so good you may even forget to put on foundation. Some peeling may occur around the nose, but nothing worse than a mild sun burn, and needing to stay out of the sun for two weeks post peel.

Following the Beta Hydroxy Peel we can truly start the drum roll for the most technologically advanced laser therapy for skin, Laser Genesis™,  that not only promotes a younger looking more vibrant looking skin in total, but also has been proven to produce new collagen whiles also reducing the affects of premature aging and sun damage, say goodbye to redness, uneven and sallow texture, acne scars and enlarged pores and hello to perfect skin, all with no pain, no discomfort and no downtime.

Last but not least is Carboxytherapy, that wonderful miracle gas that firms, detoxes, heals, demolishes cellulite and fat is also utilised in facial rejuvenation, and to make it even better is only mildly uncomfortable, even around the eyes. Dark under eye circles are treated without hollowing out the eye while face and neck are firmed and tightened by blood being forced to the area by a naturally occurring physiological principle called oxygen offloading. Quite simply carbon dioxide is injected into the area and the body rushes blood full of oxygen to the area in order to expel it from the body.

Overall the experience, while at times is slightly painful or uncomfortable is made pleasant by the Skin Renewal doctors and therapists and of course the final pay off. I am halfway through the treatments and have found the results to have already superseded my expectations and if the long terms results are anything like the body renewal treatments I have undergone, which have been unbelievable easy to maintain, then I cannot wait to see where the Skin Renewal road leads me.

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