A Body and Health Renewal – Experiential Piece

The men and woman of today are faced by a very fast paced lifestyle finding it difficult to maintain, what is now, an acceptable body image not only for themselves but also the way each and every person views them.

Whilst we have all seen the commercials and campaigns which attempt to convince us that the standards of beauty that have been set by fashion houses, publications and Hollywood are not reality, they really are. The saying goes that first impressions last and the very first impression one gives is their physical image and confidence. Whether it is a client, colleague, friend or family member, your first interaction or your tenth, the truth remains that the first impression comes down to your appearance but even more so the image one has on one’s self impacts on confidence and the way one carry’s one’s self. Individuals who are happy in their own skin are generally happier, more gregarious and confident. Life however has thrown us a curve ball, higher expectations of image with less time to do anything about it. Fad diets, exercise regimes, 5 star gyms and even slimming shoes, all enticing us with promises of weight loss and firming, often at a risk to our health and in order to partake in any of these we need the time, the one priceless commodity that for many is an unaffordable opportunity cost with responsibilities ranging from working engagements, family and spouse quality time, social events, unforeseen emergencies and sheer exhaustion from juggling the seamlessly endless ‘to do’ list.

When I came across the Skin, Body and Health Renewal websites the promises of a complete body transformation with minimal effort seemed too good to be true. I have personally suffered with health issues ranging from Celiac Disease to hormonal imbalances that have left me battling with my weight for the latter part of my 20s, a time I should be celebrating and enjoying my body, not horrified by every glimpse in the dreaded changing room mirror, which highlights every bump, lump and imperfection. I work in a fast paced industry which leaves me tired, unable to break into a regular exercise and healthy diet. The promise of a complete health and body renewal drew me to Skin, Body & Health Renewal, an establishment that holds national presence meaning that I could arrange my treatments and follow up appointments with ease at any one of their 17 branches country wide.

Sceptically I made my way to the Body Renewal Fourways branch thinking to myself the whole way that this is another weight loss clinic with empty promises, churning out mass amounts of clientele and that I would just be another number. I walked into the reception receiving a warm greeting from several therapists and from that moment received 5 star treatment. I was ushered to a plush seating area where I gazed in awe not only at the opulence of my surroundings which was accentuated by vintage style seating, white lilies and crystal chandeliers while maintaining a clean and clinical standard. What struck me the most was just how beautiful everyone was, perfect skin, youthful appearance, well presented and confident, that confidence that I wanted.

My consultation with Dr Xenephin Ludick was a pleasure, not the prodding and probing with white markers that television has portrayed aesthetic consultation to consist of with an endless ream of flaws to be fixed. Dr Xen had a soothing bedside manner asking me what I want to change. “Everything!” was my first thought, but after speaking with him it became apparent that this is not a consultation to see just how much they can get me to do and how much of my wallet can be pillaged, this was a holistic approach centred on my health and well-being. We spoke at length about my history with Celiac Disease and hormonal issues and I learned that I am not the only one, I felt human and for the first time in a long time I felt hope. I wanted my body to change, something I had not been able to do on my own, I wanted my skin to be rejuvenated and I wanted the means to maintain my results. The outcome was that I would undergo several treatment on my body in order to detox, remove fat and cellulite as well as a medical dietary routine for 6 weeks that would increase energy, change my lifestyle and introduce me to a healthier, thinner, lighter and happier me.

Slender Wonder Programme

The first step in my body renewal was the Slender Wonder Programme, a medical weight loss programme involving a strict 650 calorie per day diet supplemented with vitamins, a protein shake, plenty water and a hormone injection to be injected daily. My initial thought was absolute terror at having to inject myself as I have a horrible fear of needles and fear of pain, however the needle is so small that the injection is almost completely painless. My second thought was that a hormone injection could not be healthy, but in fact the hormone is one which is naturally occurring in the human body of both men and women and is synthetically made in a sterile laboratory to Skin, Body & Health Renewal’s high standards. The coupling of this hormone with the low calorie diet would enable my body’s metabolism to be completely reset within 6 weeks along with stabilised leptin levels which regulate energy expenditure and feelings of hunger. The beauty of the programme is that fat is drawn from abnormal fatty deposits such as stomach, love handles and saddle bags and not from your normal fat deposits leaving a shapely body and no gaunt look.

My initial appointment with Nurse Rowan consisted of a health check involving tests on blood sugar and blood pressure followed by measurements and photographs in order to track progress. Nurse Rowan, a registered Nurse, had also undergone the Slender Wonder Programme and is a firm believer, which made me extremely comfortable in undergoing these rather extreme measures as she spoke from a place of experience, not just regurgitating what a manual or training had taught her. She explained the program to me at length from how to administer the injection to the diet and the science behind it all. It was decided in the end that my goal weight would be 7 kilograms lighter and considering the fact that I could lose 8 – 15 kilograms during the course of the programme I was happy to lose more. While the diet has actually been around since the 70s the technology behind the manufacturing of the hormone as well as the supplements is nothing short of the latest and most advanced.

I was given the option to undergo a 5 day detox and cleanse which I jumped at, if I was going to do this, I was going to do this right. I was given the detox supplements and diet and within 5 days, to my absolute bewilderment, the supplements had begun to heal years of damage to my digestive tract that Celiac Disease had caused. I had tried everything before this and nothing had given me such a sense of wellbeing, and I had not even started the diet yet. I knew this would be worth it in the end and I have placed complete faith in Skin, Body & Health Renewal to not only assist me in losing weight, but also renew my health.

I am now 3 weeks into the programme, and have lost half of what I wanted to. The diet is easy and simple to follow even with my over-burdened schedule. I feel happy, invigorated and motivated. I take part in physical activity every second day, at least, from cardio to yoga and capoeira. My energy levels are high and the feeling of confidence is euphoric. They say the best wardrobe is the one you used to fit and I am starting to swim in clothing items that fit me when I was modelling professionally. The compliments are ceaseless and usually followed by the question of “What are you doing?”. I have no shame in letting the world know what I am undergoing, it is just too good to keep to myself and the proof of the effectiveness is in the pudding, or lack thereof. Seeing is believing.


The first body treatment that I underwent was the Lipodissolve which literally does what it says, dissolving fat where after it becomes water soluble and is then passed through the body naturally. The natural emulsifier PPC is injected into numerous points on the chosen problem area, which in my case was my stomach. Again I was shaken to think of multiple injections but extremely relieved when I found that the entire area was numbed with numbing ointment and further iced to ensure little to no discomfort. I felt practically nothing during the treatment, although I was left with some pain and bruising afterwards with a rather jiggly belly for a few days. The results can only be seen after 6 weeks however this coupled with the Slender Wonder Programme has left me with a nearly flat belly already.

Carboxy Therapy and Accent Tripollar

Carboxy is a miracle gas which is injected deep into the fat and alongside the lymphatic system in the legs to assist in expelling toxins which cause cellulite assisting in detoxification as well as stimulating collagen production, which is a must with rapid fat loss. The gas forces your body to send new blood and oxygen to the treated area stimulating circulation. Whilst there may be some teeth clenching moments with this treatment the pain lasts only during the treatment and the results can be seen within just a few treatments. The reduction of cellulite and the stubborn saddle bags is well worth any discomfort and the addition of the Accent treatment is soothing whilst breaking down cellulite and stimulating collagen even further.

Carboxy Therapy has many uses from detoxification, stubborn fat reduction and even stretch mark treatment, it even assists in healing wounds.

Cryolip Fat Freezing

Imagine if you could kill your fat cells? Well thanks to modern science this is a reality. Cryolipo Therapy literally freezes your fat cells at a temperature of -3 degrees. The marvel behind this technology is that the treatment does not freeze the skin, blood vessels, tissue, organs or bones and has minimal discomfort. Within a matter of weeks the results of this body sculpting treatment are apparent and within 6 months the full effects are visible. There is little to no discomfort, in fact the worst part of the treatment is the application of a thin cloth covered in a gelatinous substance which protects the skin, from there just sit back and relax as a the machine “head” is applied to the problematic area, such as the stomach, love handles, bottom or saddle bags. The head sucks in the fat and begins to rapidly cool and then numb the area. The treatment lasts 45 minutes, during which I was able to indulge in some pleasant conversation with my Skin, Body & Health Renewal therapist, and is followed by a light massage of the treated area. My personal experience was followed by a little numbness, which lasted about a day and very slight bruising.

I have seen my body completely transformed in the space of three weeks and am beyond thrilled with the results. The only issue now is baring the anticipation and excitement of the final new and improved me.

For more information visit www.bodyrenewal.co.za